1933 King H. N. White
Model Trumpet


This is a King N.H. White Liberty Model Trumpet from around 1933!   This features a satin silver finish with gold wash inner bell.  The plating is 95% + on the horn and pictures below show areas where there is very slight wear.  If desired, we can spot-plate those areas prior to sale.

The trumpet is in great shape for a 70 + year old instrument.  It appears to have been well cared for.  Note in the pictures of the valves, slides and other parts disassembled, these parts are right and fit properly.  The valves, we are told, were made of bronze rather than nickel-plated or of the monel-type seen in more modern instruments.  This is normal for valves on these horns.  The compression was checked and all valves have very good to excellent compression.

This Liberty trumpet has the split tuning slide with a portion removable to adjust the key and also the 1st and 3rd slides have marks on them where the horn can be adjusted to A pitch.  This model also features the Besson style 2nd valve slide with the forward canting slide The engraving on the bell is very elaborate ( see below ).


We completely serviced this one including disassembly, ultrasonic cleaning, dent/ding removal of accessible areas ( see pictures below ), cleaning of valves and slides, reassembly with Ultra-Pure valve oil and slide lube, and finally polishing with Hagerty fine silver polish.  Waterkey corks were replaced also.

This one came out looking very nice!  We were very impressed with how well this trumpet played also.  See the additional pictures below.



Additional Pictures

Note the bronze valves which have very good to excellent compression.

NOTE there are markings saying "300" on 3 slide parts.  As well each valve has the serial number of the trumpet with the valve number engraved on them.

The valve numbers are also engraved on each valve stem.

The "A" line on the 1st slide and 3rd slide.

Photos below show areas which show very minor wear
or minute dings on the horn.

3 Photos of Optional King Case, mouthpiece, music lyre and rod
(note: trumpet shown in the case is not the trumpet for sale)

This is the trumpet for sale - gorgeous!!