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Why this page?:   We've been asked by new customers if we have any references, testimonials or such and, although the majority of our business comes to us by "word of mouth", we decided to include a few here.  Thank you to all of our many customers, both one-time and comeback customers.  Fred Cirksena is the owner of the company and has been providing quality instruments for many years to students, parents, comeback players, amateurs, professionals and collectors.  He has sold and bought and has great feedback on eBay -- > click here:  eBay Feedback


Olds Recording Vintage Trumpet

Hi Fredthank you for the nice olds recording. It got here two days ago. It's exactely what I wanted!  All the best Jörn 

Bach Omega Trumpet

Fred, Thank you so much for working with me on getting my trumpet from SD to WI.  As a former Cyclone imagine my surprise when I stumbled onto your shop online, and then had such a tremendous experience with your service.  The trumpet looks great and plays great ( or at least as "great" as this player.)  Folks at the Nursing Home I serve, always look forward to trumpet music at Easter Time, you play a big part in making that happen.  My brother has been shopping for a horn for his 10 yr. old daughter, and I happily shared my experience with them and your website.  Thank you again, Rev. Nick S.

Yamaha YTR-200AD Advantage Student Trumpet

Hi Fred - Happy New Year!  Michael was absolutely thrilled with the trumpet.  He's had two lessons since Christmas and has been playing a few hours a day and loving it.    Thanks again for the care you took.   All the best, Andy

Reynolds Contempora Vintage Pro Horn

Hi Fred,  Just go the horn, just great as always!!! Many thanks for the extra stuff!! Please keep an eye out for any orphaned Reynolds marked alligator cases and a nice late '40s / '50s Conn 12B.  Have a great weekend!  Jon

Bach TR-200S Step-up Trumpet

Fred, The trumpet arrived today. My son is so excited. He's playing it right now. It works great and sounds great. Thank you for everything. Craig

Bach Model 1530 Student Trumpet for Birthday Present!

Hello Fred, The trumpet just arrived. We have one very enthused, surprised and excited 10 year old. Thanks very much! Baha 

Yamaha Student Trumpet

Thanks for a truly enjoyable shopping experience! I was amazed at the fast turnaround. My son was delighted to receive his new trumpet on Saturday! - Andy

Bach Stradivarius Model 37 Pro Horn for Return Customer

I've had the trumpet for a week now and I'm absolutely satisfied with it!

I knew it was a good idea to purchase from you again. The trumpet sounds beautiful and blows really nicely. The valves are in great condition and the notes slot nicely through all the parts of the harmonic series.

As I said, I am absolutely satisfied with the horn! This is my main horn now! Thank you! Joshua

Yamaha YFL-731 Pro Flugelhorn

Mr. Cirksena, just a quick note to let you know the Yamaha flugelhorn arrived today. The horn was nicely packaged and I loved all the extras (my favorite valve oil, cleaning kit, tarnish strips, even an LED flashlight). The horn is in excellent condition and plays beautifully. The valves are buttery smooth. Thank you for the pleasant shopping experience. I posted a link to your store on my Facebook page and will make sure I tell my musician friends about your store...Carlos

Custom Pro Horn to Oscar

Hi Mr. Cirksena, Thank you for your GREAT service. In all my years of purchasing trumpets I have never received such excellent service and packaging.

This ... prototype is an excellent trumpet........worth much more than what is what sold for...

Sincerely, Oscar.

Besson Brevete Vintage Pro Trumpet

Hallo Fred,  the Besson trumpet is arrived today, many thanks. Thank you too for the other utensils.   Naturally i have played suddenly some tones, love the sound of vintage Brevete.  It is a very good instrument with big bright tone.   Thank you again and have a good time, Peter

Couesnon Flugelhorn to Paul in the U.K.

Dear Fred, I am just writing to say how pleased I am with the Couesnon Star Flugelhorn I recently bought from you. It arrived here in the UK beautifully packed. It is a lovely horn with a great sound and much more accurate slotting, particularly in the lower register, than the Couesnon I already had and super fast valves. And I got it at a great price! I am really delighted with it. Thank you!  Paul

Bach Strad Pro Trumpet and ACB Doubler Flugelhorn


Dear Mr. Cirksena,  Just wanted to send you a quick email. I am enclosing senior pictures of my son with his new instruments. He loves them as you can tell. He is deciding on colleges right now and wants to at least minor in music but is not ruling out majoring in music. He is starting to play at the church now and is doing very well.

Thanks again for all of your help getting these instruments. I am sending many blessings and wishes for Christmas and the New Year! May God bless you and your family during this time and all year long.   In His name, Donna

Bach Omega Intermediate Silver-plated Trumpet

Thanks. Beautiful trumpet my son Loves it! He didn't put it down or stop playing it for hours after it arrived. Thanks again. Christine

Yamaha YTR-734 Vintage Pro Trumpet

Like always very pleased with the trumpet. Thanks for everything. I'm looking for another yamaha same model or a ... Thanks again Fernando

Martin Committee Vintage Trumpet

Fred, Thank you very much for your follow up! The horn arrived in perfect condition due to your great packing. I am an older comeback player so just working through the long tones, slurs, etc. But so far, I love the horn. This warm sound is what I am looking for.

Thank you again for helping me out this with this! My best to you and your family!

Aloha & Mahalo, John

Bach Omega Intermediate Trumpet

I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Quality Brass!!!!! The Bach Omega Trumpet arrived today and my Son and I could not be happier!! This horn is in better shape then we could ever have asked for!!! The pictures on the web site were good, but the Trumpet was in mint condition which the pictures could not capture! My son will be playing in a fall concert tonight with his new Trumpet. I can't say enough GREAT things about Fred Cirksena and Quality Brass !!!!!!! Best prices on the net and very quick shipping!! You "CANNOT" go wrong with this company!!!!!

Barry K.

 CarolBrass CCR-3880 Cornet


Just a quick note to let you know I received the Carol Brass CCR-3880 cornet yesterday. Everything was as noted on your website.  I gave it a workout last night. One word describes this horn "gorgeous"! Gorgeous looks, and gorgeous sound. With a Curry 3DC it's perfect for concert band, a quick switch to a Curry 3P and it's great for Dixieland. Switching to a Wick 2B it would be great for BBB (if I played in one) or when you want an almost flugelhorn sound. This is now my 5th Carol Brass horn. Needless to say, I'm a big fan. The valves are every bit as good as Schilke, while the horns are considerably more versatile, with great build quality.

Have a wonderful weekend. It's been a pleasure doing business with you.  Best Regards, John 

Five (5) Pro, Intermediate and Student Trumpets to Cincinnati Dealer

Fred,  Just a brief note of thanks for the excellent service the past few weeks. Everything I have purchased has arrived in a timely manner neatly and well packaged. I look forward to future transactions...

Much thanks!  Bruce

Bach Student Trumpet sold to Grandfather of 9-year-old Player

Hey Fred,

I sent a note to you yesterday but am sending it again as my 9 year old grandson just got his new Bach Liberty Trumpet from you today! He really LOVES it!!!! I know he will enjoy it for years to come. Thanks also for including the trumpet valve guard with it-nice surprise! Above is a picture of him with his new Bach Trumpet that he loves!

I have to tell you what my 9 year old grandson Jacob said yesterday about his new Bach Liberty Trumpet: "With great power comes great responsibility..." I'm looking forward to hearing him learn and play his Bach trumpet for years to come!

I was extremely pleased and very happy in the trumpet, hard case, great maintenance kit, and Bach 5C mouthpiece! I was also surprised to find a cup mute and a neat small flashlight that you had included--that was very nice of you!

I loved it all and I know my grandson will too when I give it to him tomorrow! The trumpet has such a great sound!!! Thank you so much--it was great talking and doing business with you.

I'm glad we purchased the trumpet from you! If I ever hear of anyone needing a used instrument to buy, I will highly recommend you--your are the best!

God Bless You Fred, Duane

Yamaha YTR-6310Z Pro Trumpet sold to Pro Player in NY

Hey Fred I got the horn today right before my first session. Sweet! I'm on my quartet gig down in wall street right now. Going great. Thnx 4 a great horn man!:-)  Lex.

1950s Olds Ambassador Trumpet sold to Comeback Player

Hey Fred,

I got my trumpet Fedex Monday afternoon---what a nice package! I played it this morning and it plays very well I hope this will be with me a long time.  I  like the 3B mouthpiece too.  I just want  to say thank you very much this was more than I expected I will recommend you to others! Rodney

1949 Olds Super Recording Trumpet sold to Happy Austrian Buyer

Hi Fred,

Super Recording arrived today, held up a bit in customs and postal system, wow love at first note, such a wonderfull horn, so easy to respond and so even scale.

Thank you for your attention as always. Regards, Stuart.

1950s Olds Super Cornet sold to Happy Customer in France

Hello Fred,

I got the horn yesterday. I want to to thank you for the quick delivery and the gifts. I feel the cornet will be a fine one after overhaul. Hope to deal with Quality Brass soon !  Bernard

Yamaha YTR-2335 Student Trumpet sold to Washington Buyer

Dear Fred,

Thank you for such care with the Yamaha trumpet!  It arrived as in perfect, undamaged condition. My son is enthralled!

Blessings, Linda

1953 Martin Committee Vintage Trumpet sold to Singapore Buyer

Hi Fred, I received the Horn today. Very happy with the condition. To be honest it is better than I expected. Thank you. I have been playing it for the last two hours. A truly wonderful horn to play.   Thank you again.  Kind regards,  Graeme



1956 Olds Recording Trumpet sold to Happy Austrian Buyer

Hello Fred,

I finally received the trumpet today and I’m very happy about it! Compression is excellent (even better than on some trumpets when I bought them new!), there are no signs of damage or repair, no dents, only some hard to find very small pings which is really amazing for a trumpet of this age. It was a pleasure to do business with you and I will recommend you whenever there is a chance! Thank you very much!    Best regards, Arthur


NEW CarolBrass Custom Antique Finish Flugelhorn

Hey Fred, here's a photo of my new horns and my nephew who is playing the CarolBrass CTR-5000L.  Wow!

1956 Olds Mendez Cornet sold to UK Buyer

I wanted to say thanks for the Old Mendez Cornet. It arrived safely here in UK on Saturday. Also thanks for the bonus cleaning kit and mouthpieces I saw you snuck in there! She sounds sweet and I can't wait till I play her live onstage.  Chris

Vintage King Liberty to Returning Customer

Hello Fred,  Thank you! -- another great purchase experience and another great sounding horn -- this time a beautiful, sweet sounding, vintage 1935 silver King Liberty trumpet. May I add -- what a bargain!!! And even on a bargain basement price horn, you gave the horn a chem clean, visual valve alignment, new valve stem corks and felts, and included water key corks, to improve the play of the horn. The water key corks made the final difference in the low end notes, particularly low D, stopping the last of the leaking air. Now the horn sounds great through its entire range, and has many years of great playing ahead. To top it off, you added a period vintage case with a plush, perfect, fit for a King, interior. A nice surprise inside, as well - - a Quality Brass trumpet maintenance kit, including valve oil, tuning slide grease, trumpet snake, polishing cloth, mouthpiece brush, valve brush, water key corks and a use and care pamphlet. How you can offer a 10% returning customer discount, as well, I'll never know. I didn't ask for it. You just gave it to me. I've purchased many trumpets in my time. No where has the experience been more enjoyable than purchasing from you, Fred, at Quality Brass. More like receiving a present, than making a purchase.  Thanks again!!!  Sincerely, Jeffrey

Vintage Bach Mercedes Trumpett

Fred, I just wanted to send a note to tell you how pleased we are with the Bach Mercedes trumpet we ordered. It was for our 15 year old son. He is thrilled with it. He couldn't wait to take to school and try it in jazz band. He said that it played awesome. Thanks again for your prompt service and the great deal on a beautiful instrument.
Sincerely, Tina


Holton Super Collegiate to Czech Republic
Hi Fred, thanks. It is refreshing to deal with an honest person.
Thanks again Jerry!

Vintage Rudy Muck Citation Trumpet & Couesnon Flugelhorn

Dear Fred,  This afternoon I received the Flugelhorn and Trumpet in good order. Thank you very much for taking care of these horns.  They play well indeed and look great (and vintage). They sound great. Much character.  And they also look better in real life than on the photos.  Thanks also for the maintenance kit and mouthpieces.

Well, thanks a lot for the great service and the great horns.
I'm very happy to be their new owner!   I wish you all the best and have a great day.
Coen H. - saying hi from The Netherlands

Like New CarolBrass CTR-506R Custom Trumpet

Fred, I am 66 years old had not played the trumpet since jr. high. Played the French horn in hign school and college. had not played anything since college...
Recieved the horn today as expected. Had to wait until I got home from work to play it. Wow! What a difference. Still have a lot to learn about the horn but the sound is fantastic. I would compare the difference between what I was playing and the 506R to the difference between a cheap discount store bicycle and a name brand quality bicycle that you can ride 100 miles and not worry about getting there. (I also ride bicycle and have done the 100 mile rides). Well I can hardly put the horn down. I know I am going to enjoy it.   Thanks again, Tom

1960s Conn Victor Trumpet

I received the 22B Victor today. This trumpet is almost exactly my age, and I wish I was in as good a shape as it is! Really has a nice sound. I can't believe what a tank the case is too! I don't think I've ever seen a sturdier Conn case. Thanks again for everything,  Dave

1980s Holton ST-302 Maynard Trumpet sold to Keith Fiala

Hey Fred, I ended up playing primarily on the MF Saturday night…
man, what a horn! For the auditorium we were in, it carried…
Here’s a video testimonial for you…


Sincerely, Keith Fiala

1956 Olds Mendez Cornet sold to UK Buyer

I wanted to say thanks for the Old Mendez Cornet. It arrived safely here in UK on Saturday. Also thanks for the bonus cleaning kit and mouthpieces I saw you snuck in there! She sounds sweet and I can't wait till I play her live onstage.  Chris

1952 Martin Imperial Trumpet sold to UK Buyer

Hi Fred,

Hi Fred, just received the 'MARTIN IMPERIAL 1952 TRUMPET' I purchased from you via the website a few weeks ago. Just a quick email to say how happy I am with the trumpet and even more so with the service you offer.

Buying a trumpet from yourself to the U.K. was a breeze you made it so simple and affordable (and I love the trumpet service pack you throw in), I will soon be in the market for a Martin Committee so hopefully I should be dealing with you again soon, Many Thanks yet again, Regards Gavin.


Conn Connstellation Vintage Pro Cornet

Hello Mr. Cirksena,  I received the (Muggsy Sprecher) Constellation cornet yesterday and I finally had a chance to try it out today. I couldn't be happier. What a wonderful sound.

I want to thank you not only for the wonderful cornet, which you greatly improved, but also for all the goodies you included -- the steel wool, valve oil, cleaning snake, valve block cover, two mouthpieces, polishing cloth, and as if that wasn't enough, you also found and gave me a nice vintage Conn case to provide a wonderful home for a wonderful cornet -- all at no extra cost, and all on top of a great labor day discount. I greatly appreciate all the trouble you went to - - well above and beyond what one would normally expect nowadays. What can I say? Thanks!!!

You can be assured that this cornet has found a fine new home where it will be played, treasured and lovingly cared for. I never heard Muggsy play, but I know he recorded a record or two which I plan on obtaining. I would hope that I can continue to breathe life into his horn, perhaps not with all the talent of Muggsy, but at least with the spirit of Muggsy.

Thanks again!!! Sincerely,  Jeffrey

Blessing  Trumpet

Hi Fred,

The Blessing Artist trumpet arrived safely thanks to your well packed and padded box. It's a really nice vintage horn with a lovely tone and I'm thrilled with it.  Many thanks for the 2 mouthpieces and the bag off cleaning and servicing goodies which were a bonus to an already fabulous purc