Condition Rating Scale

Q. What are the condition ratings on your instruments?

A. In general, these are the condition ratings of cosmetic condition for comparison purposes as most instrument are serviced before shipping so will be play ready unless otherwise noted, but it is always good to ask specific questions:


New or Mint Condition: Is Like New. No dents, or fading at contact points. Plating/lacquer is good.
Excellent Condition: shows only minor signs of use. May have slight fading at contact points and light surface scratches, or minor dings. 
Very Good Condition: shows signs of use. May have some very minor dents (not affecting play). 
Good Condition: shows signs of use. May have some dents that don’t affect playing performance. 
Average Condition: in playing condition, but shows signs of use. Multiple dents that don’t affect the performance of the instrument may be present and may show finish wear. 
Fair Condition: Seen heavy wear. May be in need of dent work. 
Needs Work condition: not necessarily in playing condition. Has seen heavy wear and possible abuse or misuse. Dents that may affect  performance may be present.