We are excited to endorse the smoothest and most reliable valve oil you will ever find - Ultra-Pure professional valve oil.   Plus it is non-toxic & safe.


Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil and Tuning Slide Lubes are used to lubricate the valves and tuning slides of brass musical instru-ments, such as trumpet, cornet, horn, tuba, or trombone.  It is most popular as a trumpet valve oil but works equally well as a rotary valve oil for horn or trombone, as a woodwind key oil, or as a trombone slide oil.


Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil is an odorless, long-lasting, non-toxic synthetic lubricant developed to be the smoothest and most reliable valve oil you will ever find.  It is used by some of the world’s finest brass players including Wynton Marsalis, Chris Botti, Arturo Sandoval, Dave Douglas, and many more great players!


Our non-toxic Tuning Slide Lubes come in Regular and Light weights. The Light lube is ideal for the fast-moving 1st and 3rd trumpet valve slides. Regular Lube is a general-purpose tuning slide lube for all other tuning slides and all slides on student instruments.



Professional Valve Oil
& Tuning Slide Lubes