Links Page

Great Worthwhile Music Programs

Music in the Metro - Superb program for young people - Des Moines, IA

Midwest Young Artists - great young people's program - near Chicago

Brass Repair & Vintage Parts

Borodi Music - another MASTER builder, restorer and craftsman

Humm'n Horns - 40+ years Brass restoration experience

The Music Box - great hometown service

Stoner Brass - a MASTER builder and repairman

Rich Ita's Brass Instrument Workshop - excellent repair work

Tom Green Refinishing and Repair - excellent, reasonable refurbish work

Robb Stewart - link to NEW website - a great repairman and vintage historian

Metzler Brass - an expert repairman

Charlie Melk - an expert repairman

BAC HORN DOCTOR - brass especially custom trombone work

Pettifor's Inc. (call 574-293-8244) - excellent work and great refurbishing

DQ's Custom Shop - Custom Copper Bell horns and more for Sale

Vintage Mutes - Kid Dutch vintage mute site


Information on Brass Instruments

Horn-u-copia - massive resource for vintage horns

Conn Loyalist - Conn Loyalist site with much information Conn

Holton Loyalist - Holton Loyalist site with much information Holton

Rouse's Olds Central - Olds and more

Kid Dutch - Kid Dutch - good friend and great player

Selmer Central - some Selmer information

H.N.White - White/King site maintained by the H. N. White Family

Bachology - official Conn-Selmer site with excellent, informative articles about vintage Bach

Bach Loyalist - New Bach site with lots of Bach information

Reynolds Contempora - Reynolds, Roth, Ohio Band and more

Rudy Muck - New site with Rudy Muck information

   Vintage Cornets - Nick DeCarlis' site with lots of pictures
Pocket Cornets
 - another great Nick DeCarlis' site

   Martin Story - a sax site with serial number lists useable for dating vintage Martin instruments
The Martin Committee - information on many Martin trumpets
White/King Instruments - information on many N.H.White & King trumpets

   Paul Ayick's Vintage Brass - a great player, collector and photographer

   Google for "Brass Instrument Links" - Google works!

Information on Mouthpieces ( mainly trumpet )

Mouthpiece Express Guides - specs for many instruments

Kanstul's Comparator Site - SEE cup size differences

Al Cass Mouthpiece Tribute Site - Al Cass tribute site

Brass Instrument Sales ( web presence )

Centex-Brass - Horns, Parts - good friend, highly respected quality horns!

DeCapo Music Exchange - Horns, Parts, Free Listings - check it out!

New York Trumpet Company - custom - New Store Opening

Dillon's Music - great place to shop

Trumpet Trader - great customer service and some very fine horns

HornTrader - stock changes regularly and great customer service

Perkins Music House - direct link to his instrument page

Classic Trumpets - Classic Trumpets for Sale

Trumpet Player's Sites

Trumpet Master - marketplace and excellent, informative forums

Trumpet Forum - marketplace and excellent, informative forums

Trumpet Herald - marketplace and excellent, informative forums