Bach TR300 Bb
Student Trumpet Package

This is an very nice Bach TR300 Bb student trumpet with 1st valve hook. These TR300 model Bach lists for $1,135 where found and are widely recommended by many band directors as they sound great and work well.  This one has the 1st valve thumb hook to aid in intonation.  These were built before Conn-Selmer decided to "outsource" their student line and even some of their intermediate and professional trumpets to third world countries so you know this was built in the USA by skilled craftsmen compared to newer trumpets.

This trumpet has been completely serviced -- disassembled, ultrasonically cleaned, dents removed, oiled, lubed, and fully checked out. As well, the lacquer was removed as it was spotty and the trumpet was re-lacquered. Valve pads have been replaced and slide corks have been checked with one being replaced. The valves, slides, caps, water keys, and all other moving parts are in very good shape.  There are very minor signs of dent removal that are very difficult to see except on very close examination and some minor scratching but overall, this trumpet looks very good.

The trumpet plays very well - it would be perfect for the beginning, advanced student, college musician or even professional or amateur musician looking for a great Bb trumpet.  If you're in the market for a nice Bach student trumpet, consider this student trumpet -- this is quite a value! The price of renting a student trumpet in our area is from $250 - $450 a year depending on the shop. Buy this one at a reasonable price and sell it if your young musician decides to pursue other interests later on. Add to that the extras and knowledge that these hold their value well.

Included in this trumpet package are:

  • the Bach TR300 in very good condition

  • a Bach 7C standard mouthpiece in excellent shape ( see in pictures at right )

  • the Bach hard trumpet case - in great shape with shoulder strap and space inside to hold accessories

  • a Quality Brass maintenance kit including brushes, cleaning cloth, oil, lube and other accessories and lists for $15.95 ( see in picture at right )

These extras and the complete servicing of the trumpet - ready to play - are included FREE in your purchase and add value to the package. Be sure to check out the pictures below - we have several and if you don't see one you'd like, email us.


Additional Pictures