1949 Olds
Los Angeles Ambassador Trumpet

This is an nice vintage Olds Ambassador trumpet.  The serial number 40180 indicates a manufacture date around 1949 when the Olds company was doing some of it's best work at the original Los Angeles plant.

The valves are all in good shape, the serial numbers on them match the trumpet and they have very good compression.  The horn was just serviced meaning it was disassembled, the body and slides were cleaned in a large ultrasonic cleaner with a slightly acidic solution and the valves were ultrasonically cleaned in a smaller separate ultrasonic cleaner with a neutral solution.  All the slides are free as shown below.  All accessible dents were removed including those in the bell end area, at the ends of the slides and in the bell bow area.  The horn was then assembled with Ultra-Pure valve oil and lube and play tested.

The lacquer is very spotty of this horn.  The engraving is good on this horn but the spotty lacquer hides it somewhat.  The battle scar traces that can be seen after dent removal was done make this a great vintage instrument with a lot of character - wonderful for a 60-year old trumpet!  There are a couple of old solder repairs that can be seen upon very close examination but they appear to have been well done.

And, as best we can tell, all parts are original to the horn except for the 3rd slide finger ring which was donated by another vintage trumpet.  The best part is that the horn plays great! This would make a great horn for a comeback player or a good backup horn for the more experienced player.

The case is in good shape and is the type used with the vintage LA Ambassador trumpets - check the pictures below.  As well, an Olds 3 vintage mouthpiece was found in acceptable shape that works well and sounds good in the horn.  Many of these vintage trumpets sound better with the mouthpieces that were designed and supplied with them.

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